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FIRST® Lego® League Junior

The DFW Technology & Education Council serves as the FIRST® LEGO® League Junior Affiliate Partner in North Texas.

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. is designed to introduce STEM concepts to kids ages 6 to 10, while exciting them through a brand they know and love − LEGO®. Guided by two or more adult Coaches, teams (up to 6 members, grades K-4) explore a real-world scientific problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc. Then they create a Show Me poster that illustrates their journey of discovery and introduces their team. They also construct a motorized model of what they learned using LEGO® elements. In the process, teams learn about teamwork, the wonders of science and technology, and the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. Core Values, which include respect, sharing, and critical thinking. At the close of each season, teams come together on a regional basis to attend an FLL Jr. Expo present their models, share ideas, celebrate, and have fun!


FLL Jr. teams in Texas get to do the Texas Two-Step for registration! All FLL Jr. teams worldwide must register nationally with FIRST® to be considered an official FLL Jr. team and receive the annual challenge materials- that’s Step One. Next, FLL Jr. teams who wish to participate in local events must also register for each expo they attend.Teams in North Texas will register through DFW Technology and Education Council.

    Initial registration for all FLL Jr. Teams is regulated by FIRST® headquarters. In order to register as a FLL Jr. Team, the team’s coach and/or coordinator must Register with FIRST®, create an individual profile and create a team.

After the team’s Lead Coach/Mentor has created a team, they will need to invite a 2nd Lead Coach/Mentor/Contact for the team. Both coaches must be screened through FIRST®‘s Youth Protection Program. The Lead Coach/Mentor also needs to invite each team member’s parent/guardian to register their child for the team. The purpose of this registration process is to ensure that all the necessary paperwork has been completed and is received by FIRST®.

For complete information on FLL Jr. Registration, you can visit the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. Registration Homepage.

New Challenges are announced at the FIRST® Championship in April with registration beginning in August.

    DFW Technology and Educational Council hosts the expos for FLL Jr. events in North Texas. To register for expos, there is a fee ($75) per team, per expo.

Expos hosted by DFW Technology and Education Council are announced in the Fall with all expos taking place in winter and spring.


$300 – $500 first season (then $100 – $200 per season) 


  • $99 National FLL Jr. team Registration & program fees (annual national dues), includes “Inspire Set”, Challenge document, Engineering Notebooks, and Team Meeting Guide
  • $190 FLL Jr. Starter Set (reusable each season), includes WeDo 2.0 Core Set, Software, Baseplate
  • $75 local expo registration fees
  • Additional, optional purchases: Community Starter Set ($200), Community Minfigure Set ($55), Creative LEGO Brick Set ($60)