FIRST LEGO League Jr. has a new name! FIRST nationals has rebranded FLL Jr. to now fall under the FIRST LEGO League umbrella and will now be called FIRST LEGO League Explore – same program and impact! For more information on the brand refresh visit

Coaches Workshop
Led by local FIRST LEGO League Explore partners, our FLL Explore Coaches Workshop will walk you through what to expect this season. You will be introduced to the 2020-2021 PLAY MAKERS season and the basics of getting started with FLL Explore. Come learn more about team resources, registering your team, what to expect at our Expos and more! The workshop date and location for the 2020-2021 season will be announced in August.

Below are links to helpful resources for FIRST LEGO® League Explore Coaches:

Join the North Texas FLL Explore Coaches Google Group

Coaches Workshop Presentations from 2019
(Even with the name change these resources will be helpful with leading a FLL Explore team.)

Helpful FLL Explore Documents:

LEGO® Education Resources:

olunteering with FIRST Lego League Jr. is an amazing opportunity for you to learn about what goes on during an Expo. Aside from helping us run our event, you will get a chance to see what other teams around your area are doing. Coaches who are interested in volunteering at an Expo may sign-up using the following link: FLL Junior Coaches Workshop Sign-up.